‘Will the real fraud please stand up?’

gADO (14)

Cartoon by GADO

A collection of responses to the news that HSBC helped clients avoid tax:

The Guardian: The tax-doging father, the benefits cheat – and how they are treated so differently

‘She was a poor Scottish cleaner who confessed to benefits fraud of £25,000 and got seven months in jail. He is a wealthy property dealer whose father hid a six-figure sum from the taxman … and paid a small penalty.’

Russell Brand: Who’s F*cking Us Over – HSBC Or Immigrants?

‘As the gap between rich and poor increases, the powerful and powerless increases, we need to discuss: who should we be virulently hating?’

Professor of accounting Prem Sikka: Tax cheats cost far more than benefits cheats – yet far fewer are prosecuted

‘The political culture is more sympathetic to tax avoiders.’

21st Century Wire: VIDEO RANT: ‘Benefit Cheats’ RAIDED While HSBC Assists Terrorists?!

‘Yesterday, I covered a story that exposed HSBC as working with terrorists, royals, drug barons and celebrities to help them avoid paying taxes. Today, I was trying to enjoy lunch when I came across a news story so outrageous that I was almost forced to seek medical assistance for shock. British Police launched a dawn raid, not on HSBC, but families accused of benefit fraud. Benefit fraud isn’t a great thing obviously, but let’s put it into perspective.’

A Dutch article: ‘Tax dodgers or welfare scroungers: will the real fraud please stand up?

The government collected 207.3 million Euro through tracking down and punishing people who committed welfare fraud – two thirds of whom had made mistakes rather than committing fraud, it was later revealed by the Ombudsman. People who avoid paying tax by not declaring their savings were given the opportunity to voluntarily disclose – the goverment collected 900 million Euros. ‘Who is the biggest fraud?’

Zwartspaarders of uitkeringstrekkers: wil de echte fraudeur opstaan?

The Huffington Post: The Board of HSBC Should be Arrested and the Bank Taken Into Public Ownership

‘Further and even more damning evidence of the extent to which the rich are ‘getting away with it’ is provided by the fact that despite the mammoth difference in cost to the UK taxpayer the resources that have been deployed to crack down on benefit fraud are exponentially more than tax evasion.’

Morning Star: One Law For Them, Another One For Us

‘An angry Mr Skinner told the Commons: “There are currently about 3,250 people examining benefit fraud while there are only 300 HMRC people examining the fraud by those that are wealthy tax-dodgers, many of whom give a lot of money to the Tory party.”‘

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